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We honor the life of each child and encourage parents married and unmarried to embrace the importance of the spiritual commitment to children. Parent -Child Dedication service is intended to reflect the teaching of Scripture on family life.

We ask that parents have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and that at least one parent is a member Nations Ford Community Church.

Understanding the sacred honor of marriage as presented in God's Word, we believe every public act of worship, such as Parent Child Dedication, is to conform to His standards. To fail to recognize and honor the specific teaching of Scripture on matters of family life would violate the integrity of our church and the Savior we serve.

Parents who are unmarried, living together, or in same sex relationships, who desire to have their child dedicated are asked to contact the church  for additional parent - child dedication information. 

Our goal in ministry is to meet everyone where they are in life, then to lead each individual to God's grace and truth and help all of us discover abundant life in Christ and His church.