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                      Ministry Track Course Descriptions                                                                             

Effective Writing & Communications

This course will strengthen the research writing of the student and help them to develop effective communication through the use of videos, lectures, writing and speaking projects.

 Healthy Spirituality

This course examines the emotional intelligence and maturity of each student and the impact on their lives both personally and professionally within leadership. This course requires a signed confidentiality agreement by each student to insure open and honest dialogue.

The Leadership Call

This course will introduce students to the discovery of their unique leadership calling in life. Students will develop a personal profile that paints a full picture of their identity, purpose and context for fulfilling their call.

Internship and Field Practicum

This practicum is designed to provide the exposure, experience and education necessary to build a foundation for each students calling.

Introduction to Theology 

This course is survey of and introduction to Christian doctrine. Special attention is given to the systematic approach of study of theology with focus on key doctrinal themes through the Bible. 


This course is an introduction to the principles and process of Biblical interpretation and application, emphasizing both theory and practice. Introduction of principles of historical criticism, literary analysis, existential philosophy, currently prevailing world view assumptions and basic exegetical tools and methods will be taught.

Survey of Biblical History, the Pentateuch & the Gospels

The course will survey the Bible from Genesis through Revelation introducing students to a complete framework of the Bible through the lens of God’s overall redemptive plan. Special attention is given to major themes within the Pentateuch and the Gospels.

Christian Ethics

This course is an introduction to the moral and ethical issues that are facing the church, society, and Christianity as a whole. Student will gain understanding on certain procedures for dealing with ethical situations.

Ministerial Training and Protocol (Candidates for Ministerial Licensing Only)

This course will outline what every ministerial candidate should know in order to effectively serve and lead in a specific congregational context. Students will examine leadership roles and responsibilities. 

Final Examination and Preparation (Candidates for Ministerial Licensing Only)

This course will prepare ministerial candidates for examination with the goal towards licensing and/or ordination. Students will prepare ministerial packet with personal information for presentation to senior pastor, church elders and members of any ministerial examination committee.

Ministry Track