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Leadership Track Course Descriptions


Effective Writing & Communications

This course will strengthen the research writing of the student and help them to develop effective communication through the use of videos, lectures, writing and speaking projects.

Healthy Spirituality

This course examines the emotional intelligence and maturity of each student and the impact on their lives both personally and professionally within leadership. This course requires a signed confidentiality agreement by each student to insure open and honest dialogue. 

The Leadership Call

This course will introduce students to the discovery of their unique leadership calling in life. Students will develop a personal profile that paints a full picture of their identity, purpose and context for fulfilling their call.

Internship and Field Practicum

Internship Program is designed to provide the exposure, experience and education necessary to build a foundation for your calling.

Designed to Lead

This course offers students a view of the church as a source of leadership development in all spheres of life. The course will examine the biblical and theological foundation; the culture that facilitates a leader’s growth; and the feeder pool that provides a steady stream of talent for the church and beyond.

Organizational Leadership

This course will introduce students to the design of creating and guiding an on-going leadership culture that raises up high-performance teams capable of executing the mission and vision of an organization. Students will gain principles of leadership that can be implemented within various organizational contexts. 

Servant Leadership: Lead Like Jesus

This course will examine the leadership style and principles of Jesus in order to help students develop a servants heart and lead in any context following the example of Jesus. 

Christian Ethics

This course is an introduction to the moral and ethical issues that are facing the church, society, and Christianity as a whole. Student will gain understanding on certain procedures for dealing with ethical situations.

Leadership Track