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Dr. Phillip M. Davis was a visionary, leadership coach, motivational speaker, friend, husband and father.  He was founder and senior pastor of Nations Ford Community Church in Charlotte, NC and the Alpha Community Church of Alpharetta, GA. As an educator, he founded the Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte, Queen City Bible College and EnVision Life School of Ministry.‚Äč

Nations Ford Community Church is the home of the Nations Ford Christian Academy, the Queen City Bible College and Envision Life School of Ministry.

Dr. Davis graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio with a degree in business. He received his Master of Ministry and Doctor of Divinity degrees from Carolina School of Theology. He was a gifted motivational teacher, a compassionate pastor and preacher, and an entrepreneurial style leader and visionary.

In addition, Dr. Davis is the author of three books, "The Vision Casting Congregation," "The Father Force," and "The Untapped Power of A Man."




"Vision - It means having a clear mental picture of a preferable future."  To the Children of God involved in ministry, vision is having a clear mental picture of your life (seeing yourself) when you have lived out the purpose of God and lived in the blessings of God, while being surrendered to the power of God."   - Dr. Phillip M. Davis