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Your dream of being a leader is just around the corner. 


Envision Life School of Ministry is a private, religious educational institution.  Envision Life is an interdenominational Bible College, with an emphasis on preparing leaders for effective ministry.  The late Dr. Phillip M. Davis founded Queen City Bible College in 1995 which is now Envision Life School of Ministry.  We are conveniently situated at Exit 5 off Interstate 77 on the Southwest side of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Envision Life seeks to position itself as a leader in direct instructional, non-traditional, fast-track approach to Christian Education.  The focus of our educational programs is student achievement and advancement in ministry.  Our faculty and students functions as a team and share the responsibilities of the learning process.  Most of all our students are encouraged and allowed to pursue their call to ministry or career while striving to work through the course of study.  The real test of our non-traditional fast track approach is found both in the student's academic achievements and in the student's ability to effectively serve Christ in the field of ministry to which he or she has been called.  We believe that Envision Life students are the best witnesses to this approach to Christian Education.  The testimonies of our graduates, assures us that God has given Envision Life the right approach to Christian Education for those whom we serve.

*We are an interdenominational, evangelical institution.  We believe each student has the right to affiliate with any evangelical denomination of his/her choice under God.  We eagerly welcome students from any and all Christian denominational and independent churches.




"Vision - It means having a clear mental picture of a preferable future."  To the Children of God involved in ministry, vision is having a clear mental picture of your life (seeing yourself) when you have lived out the purpose of God and lived in the blessings of God, while being surrendered to the power of God."   - Dr. Phillip M. Davis